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• PhD in Business Administration
• Master in Management
• Master in Human Resource Counseling
• Master in Psychology
• Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) International Business
MQA: PA 3530 KPT: W345/6/0817
• Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Banking
MQA: PA3720 KPT: N/343/6/0191
• Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Marketing
MQA PA 3529 KPT: N/342/6/0156
• Diploma in Business Administration
MQA: PA3507 KPT: N/340/4/0581
• Diploma in Tourism Management
MQA: A7568 KPT: R/81V4/0127
• Diploma in Accounting
MQA: PA 3506 KPT: N/344/4/0403
• Diploma in Early Childhood
• Diploma in Executive Secretary
• Diploma in Music


• Bachelor of Security Management & Enforcement
• Diploma in Security Management & Enforcement
MQA: PA 8683 KPT: N/861/4/0015


• Diploma in Geographic Information System
MQA/PA 8567 KPT: N/581/4/0093
• Diploma in Geomatics
MQA: PA 5346 KPT: N/581/4/0080
• Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health
MQA: PA 8635 KPT: N/862/4/0055 I
• Diploma in Civil Engineering
• Diploma in Property Management
• Diploma in Quatity Surveying


• Foundation in Science
MQA: PA 8636 KPT: N/010/3/0441
• Foundation for Business
MCA: A 7601 KPT: R/340/3/0097
• Foundation of Computer Studies
MQA: A7600 KPT: R2/610/3/0420
•Foundation for Law


• PhD in Law
• LL.B (Hons) in Law
• Foundation of Computer Studies
• LL.M (Hons) in Law

• Geomatic & Land Surveying Level 3
(13C.00D-3 2013)
• Architectural Drawings Plan Level 3
• Security Services Operation
• Early Childhood Care & Education
(cc-oil-a 2013)
• Geospatial Technician
• Travel & Tour Operation
(HT402-3 2014)
• Motorcycle Servicing & Maintenance
• Safety & Health
• Solar Technician



Faculties & Departments at NBUC


Learning about management will prepare you for a career that will allow you to be relevant across any sector within any industry and in entrepreneurship. Companies or employers look for business graduates with relevant knowledge with an and awareness of historic and current issues plus an ability to foresee future issues.
At FAME we will teach you about globalization, sustainability and social change to allow you to fully comprehend the factors that affects business now and in the future as well.
You will have a sound appreciation of management practice in, for example, human resources, marketing, accounting and finance and information management. You will also have the skills to analyse commercial behaviour strategically.

List of FAME Programmes

Master in Management (“MIM”)

The MIM grooms you towards developing strategies and methods for immediate action for the future. This programme is designed to produce successful managers trained in key areas such as innovation and change, motivation and leadership, the development of national and global strategies and in being a customer oriented organization.
The MIM programme is usually completed within 12 months of part-time study. Our MIM programme is designed to provide students with the flexibility of being able to work full-time while undertaking this postgraduate qualification with minimal disruption to your current employment.

Dual or Triple Award MIM

The NBUC MIM can earn you international recognition from a UK university and London Examinations Board (“LEB”). For an additional fee, you may sign up for a dual or triple award so that on completion of the MIM you will be conferred with a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from LEB and an MBA from the University of the West of Scotland (UWS).

Entry Requirement

A professional qualification equivalent to a degree plus a minimum of two years’ of working experience.
A bachelor’s degree or equivalent not meeting CGPA of 2.50, but accepted subject to a minimum of 5 years working experience in relevant field.
Mature candidates without Bachelor degree qualification but with substantial work experience and over 30 years of age can also be admitted onto the programme via the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning.
A bachelor Degree qualification in any subject from a recognized institution.
A bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA of 2.75 or equivalent (as accepted by the HEP Senate).
A bachelor’s degree or equivalent with minimum CGPA of 2.50 and not meeting CGPA of 2.75 (but may be accepted subjects to rigorous internal assessment).

BBA (Hons) Marketing – MQA: PA 3529 KPT: N/581/4/0080

Entry Requirements:

Pass at STPM/ STAM/Matriculation CGPA 2.00 and Pass in Mathematics and English in SPM Level

Diplomas in:

(i). Business Administration – MQA: PA3507 KPT: N/340/4/0581
(ii). Tourism Management – MQA: A7568 KPT: R/811/4/0127

Entry Requirements:

Pass SPM with 3 credits in any subjects

Diploma in:

(i) Accountancy MQA: PA 3506 KPT: N/344/4/0403

Entry Requirements:

Pass at SPM with 3 credits including Mathematics and English


Our Geomatics and Land Surveying programmes are specifically designed in accordance with the latest developments in Geomatics and Land Surveying. It has led us to introduce new programs to meet industry needs and the rapid development of technology. The programmes start at diploma level and provide a superior platform to enhance your knowledge and qualifications to enable you to pursue a career in this field.
The programmes have been introduced following discussions within the industry where relevant bodies become members of the Board of Review / External Advisory Panel of NBUC to indicate the requirements specific to Geomatics and Land Surveying. Graduates will have high technical capability and expertise in this field and will also be sensitive to the actuality of work related demands of Geomatics and Land Surveying.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geomatics and Land Surveying

Entry requirement:

Diploma in:

Geomatics (Land Surveying) MQA: PA 5346 KPT: N/581/4/008

Entry requirements:

Pass at SPM with 5 credits in any subject, and a pass in Bahasa Melayu and English.


The Faculty of Security and Enforcement continues to be the esteem higher education institution to conduct law enforcement training. It provides high-level, top quality training for professionals, commissioned officers, public/private servants and public/private officials for posts at law enforcement organisations, especially the Police Force, the Prison Service, the National Tax and Customs Administration, the National Directorate-General for Disaster Management, the Office of Immigration and Nationality and the private security sector.

Students at the Faculty are offered two and half-year full-time Diploma programmes and later continue with two-year full-time (2u2i) or three-year(working adult) part-time BA programmes, as well as two-term specialised further training courses. One of our objectives is to contribute to the training and further training of public service professionals within the framework of harmonised education at our University. It is hoped that the Faculty will also combine Postgraduate training in the near 2018 by the establishment of the MA of Security and Enforcement Science.

Diploma in Security Management

Entry requirement:

Diploma in:

Security Management MQA: PA 8683 KPT: N/861/4/0015

Entry requirements:

Pass at SPM with 3 credits in any subject, and a pass in Bahasa Melayu and History.

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