Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Banking [KPT: N/343/6/0191] [MQA: PA3720] [TT:3-1-19]

Duration 3 Years 6 Months (7 Semester)
Description These Programs prepare students for many roles within banking, including loan officer, Credit analyst, financial planner, investment banker and branch manager. Student will gain the communication skills, both verbal and written, needed to interact with customers. Graduates should also know how to make sound decisions when it comes to marketing, finance and management in a bank setting.

Career Prospects

  • Investment Manager / Executive
  • Account Manager / Executive
  • Finance Manager / Executive
  • Auditing Manager / Executive

Market Sectors

  • Bank, Financial Institution, Audit firm, Government Sector (Finance / Account)
  • Education sector, Private sector (services), Commercial sector, Consultants
  • Company secretary
  • Tax agents
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