Diploma in Business Administration [KPT: N/340/4/0581] [MQA: PA3507] [TT:6-3-18]

Duration 2 Years 6 Months (5 Semester)
Description The course will train students exclusive about business processes, technologies & trends in business management. Student will be exposed to a powerful set of concept that will prepare the to a career pathway in any business field that requires serving customers.

Career Prospects

  • Merchandising Manager / executive
  • Advertising Manager / Executive
  • Human resource manager Manager / Executive
  • Store manager

Market Sectors

  • Retail Shops
  • Banks
  • Logistics (Airport & Shipping Service)
  • IT (Software & Hardware) Outlets
  • Wholesale Factories
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Food and Beverage Suppliers
  • Mega Malls
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