Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration (N/340/8/0730)(MQA/PA9421)

Duration 3 Years
Intakes January, May & September

Entry Requirement

  • Master degree (Level 7, MQF) in a business or related field as accepted by The University Senate; or
  • Any qualifications equivalent to Master’s degree (Level 7, MQF) or as accepted by The University Senate.

Course Information

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration in collaboration with North Borneo University College is to develop excellent research, managerial and leadership skills within Doctoral candidates as it is necessary for them to be effective research experts in their respective fields. The Doctor of Philosophy programme is to prepare candidates to become leaders in their field and to be healthy and productive contributors to social by providing the best learning environment and critically for the effective oral and written communication.

Course Structures

NBUC’s PhD in Business Administration has a research-based curriculum, which teaches using practical business cases and consists of applied research, as opposed to fundamental research. The programme is designed in complience with the Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF) with 80 credits at the Doctorate level (Level 8). Programme consists of three major stages:


GPPJ7119 - Applied Statistics (4CH)

GPRE7103 - Academics Writing in Disciplines (4CH)

GPAS7103 - Business Research Methodology (4CH)

GPPJ7104 - Competitive & Business Strategy (4CH)



EPDS7103 - Doctoral Seminar (4CH)

Doctoral Seminar is to facilitate the development of incoming doctoral students’ dissertation research ideas and to build community among Borneo Business School doctoral students and faculty. This course is required of all first-year PhD student.



GPDT7160 - THESIS (60CH)

The objective of this phase is to determine whether students have correctly absorbed the theoretical, practical and analytical knowledge gained during the pre-dissertation phase and are able to supply this knowledge to the resolution of a substantial problem.

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