Vice Chancellor



He held the position of Head of Micro Computing Security Research IBM TJ Watson in New York (2007-2010) .Dr Sufian left UNITAR in 2009 for Adjunct Professorship in the Faculty of Engineering, Leiden (2010) and was the Alternate Director, Center for Commercialization and Development in the same university from 2010 -2015.

In his illustrious career, Dr Sufian has received numerous awards such as the Siemens Medal and Prize (Algorithm), Post-Doctoral Fellowship from IBM TJ Watson, Fellowship of British Computer Science (FBCS) UK and Fellow Researcher of ACA (American Cryptogram Association), USA and IACR (International Association of Cryptography Research).

Dr Sufian has authored and co-authored few specific international technical papers and involves with many projects on topics in Security Algorithm(Algol) theory and measurements, remote sensing, micro-cellular pairings crypto communications, filtered VLSI techniques and Optical Cable Security Algol, High speed quantum cloud Algol, Big Data Analytics Algol for Cyber Security and Quantum Computing/Cryptic.

He is also an inventor and co-inventor for 11 USA patents on Algorithm Security for Microprocessor Chip techniques, which have been successfully commercialized through IBM TJ Watson New York and few world class Varsity.