Master in Management

N/345/7/1077 (MQA/ PA 9333) 05/23

Credit Value 40 Credit Hours
Field of study Management and Administration
Mode of Delivery Lectures, Tutorial, Industrial Training, Online support, Academic seminars and workshops
Method of Delivery Conventional with Blended Learning
Duration 1 - 2 years

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor degree (Level 6, MQF) with CGPA 2.50 or equivalent qualification as accepted by the Senate of North Borneo University College.

* International student need to meet IELTS at 5.5 or equivalent

Programme Aim

  • The programme aims to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills such as analytical and critical thinking, leadership, entrepreneurial, professionalism and creativity within their specific areas of Business Studies
  • This programme aims would also enable them to lead effectively, innovatively and ethically, leveraging on lifelong learning and contributing to industry development.
  • This programme aims to train them to apply a systematic approach in conducting research in specialized areas.

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